Gateway Pet Rescue


Our Cats want you!

These pages provide an opportunity for you to take a look at some of our cats that are available for adoption or that are in our care due to special medical problems. For information on Gateway Pet Rescue adoptions and a schedule of upcoming adoptions, click here.

We have also made arrangements with Dixie Rising to provide a free e-Greeting capability for all of the pictures of our cats and hope that you will enjoy sending greetings to your friends and family using these lovable cats.

Also each cat is available for sponsorship while it is waiting for the right family to set forward and offer it a good home. For every cat that has a sponsor, it means that we will able to take in and care for an additional homeless cat. If you support the goals of Gateway Pet Rescue we hope that you will consider sponsoring one of these cats. You will not only receive the Gateway Newsletter but will be notified when the cat has been adopted.

There is also a category of Special Needs cats. These are the cats that have severe medical problems and are the cats that are passed over by other organizations. At Gateway, we consider every cat one of God's Creations and assume the burden of caring for these mostly un-adoptable animals. Many of these are in need of special sponsors for medical items.

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Updated December 14, 2004